Friday, August 30, 2013

Treasure Town

Charleston is called the "Holy City" because of it's multitude of churches.  We continue to find new hidden gems in this city after only living here for a year and a half.  There is a great Churchyard of the Unitarian Church of Charleston that allows passage from Archdale Street to King Street in town.  

Some stumble upon the walkway via the entrance on King Street and find themselves in an unexpected fairyland.  Don't be afraid to enter the open gates and tiny side streets you may find walking about Charleston.  You will be glad you did.  

A hidden gem within a hidden gem.  This quote is so true.  Don't worry about everyone else's opinion, the only person you should listen to is yourself.  The happiest you will be is when you listen to your own needs and desires.  No one else's idea of how you should live your life or what you should do in life will ever make you as happy as your own dreams and wishes.  Always ask yourself, "Is this is what I want?"  Once you start listening to yourself, your whole world will be changed for the better.

My cousin Christine and her daughter Manon.

We arrived to the King Street entrance.  There were street performers at the gate waiting for us which added to the magical stroll through the Churchyard.

But the beauty is in the walking – we are betrayed by destinations. -Gwyn Thomas

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Berry Breakfast

An 8 hour day packed with lectures requires a healthy breakfast to keep you going.  (now in my second year of dental school) .  I like to grab a quick breakfast of goat milk yogurt and frozen berries, then drizzle lightly with some honey or maple syrup.  Mmmmm....

Before you are able to sit down, the frozen berries have already started to thaw.  The berries are just warm enough to melt in your mouth and just cold enough to give another dimension of texture and yumminess...

Good to the last drop...

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wine Another Day

 Hello kitchen gadget I have long sought after!  If you don't have this yet and you drink wine, get one!  This wine preserver allows you to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and save the rest for later.  Only $12.99 at Target.  Grab a glass of wine, place a stopper in the bottle, give it a couple of pumps, and you are done.  

Buy it online here.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Healthy Can Be Tasty

Simple snacks can sometimes surprise you as the best snacks.  Add your favorite fruit to a sliced avocado.  Sprinkle with some sea salt and pepper.

Then drizzle your best olive oil over the top.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Street Legal in Charleston? Yes They Are....

 Another reason to move to downtown Charleston, as if you need more....a golf cart!  You can cruise these streets in style on your very own street legal golf cart.  Mark and I stopped and tried one on for size.   

I think the golf cart looks good on us.

Find this cute maxi on the sale rack at Ann Taylor now or something similar here.