Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tavern and Table

Our Saturday mornings are typically spent lazing around the porch with our coffee talking about our dreams and ideas.  Then we toast to a bright future with a delicious brunch.  

Our neighbor's cat, Polly White, usually stops by for a visit.  She is really just a dog in a kitten's body, don't let her fool you.  When I come home, I'll call her upstairs and she'll come running as fast as she possibly can.  It makes me laugh every time.  

She enjoys getting comfortable on your chest while making sure your eyes and attention are strictly on her. 

She'll give you sweet kisses on the cheek or hand...

... but when you try to return the favor (kisses), she doesn't want any part in it.

Mark and I finished our coffee and were ready to head to brunch.  We popped over to Shem Creek to a new restaurant called Tavern and Table.  The space was the old event hall where the oyster roast was held last year.  The renovations and new decor are outstanding, check them out here on Eater Charleston.  

Mark ordered the short rib grilled cheese (one of the tastiest things I have ever put in my mouth) and I ordered the glazed fig and prosciutto flatbread.  

We started with our usual brunch aperitifs, Bloody Marys.

This short rib, gruyere grilled cheese comes with this dynamite french onion reduction.  I dunked everything I could find in this reduction; the sandwich, the french fries, even my flatbread.  

Don't let me put all of the attention on the grilled cheese because this flatbread was delicious as well. 

I couldn't resist this reduction from the grilled cheese.  I told you I put this jus on everything.

I can't wait to enjoy this outdoor seating this Spring.

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If you haven't tried Tavern and Table yet you are going to want to scoot over to Shem Creek ASAP.  I think it's the best restaurant on Shem Creek for any meal.

When we arrived home, our buddy was waiting for us on the chaise lounge.

It's hard to resist falling back into the chaise lounge and cuddling her.

You can't ever get enough of Miss Polly White.

However, I think it made someone a little jealous...

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