Sunday, December 1, 2013


There should be no reason that I was craving doughnuts this morning after such a self indulging Thanksgiving holiday that has passed.  But this morning the doughnut craving won...

I am especially a sucker for jelly doughnuts.

 Glazed's Menu:

Apple Cider
Raspberry Glazed
Sweet Potato
*Maple Bacon*
Purple Goat (berry goat cheese filling, lavendar glaze)
*Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll*
Chocolate glaze with Chocolate sprinkles
and more

The maple bacon doughnut tastes like Sunday Brunch.  It's a must have!

I cannot describe how heavenly this pumpkin cream cheese roll was.

I couldn't quite find the goat cheese in the berry goat cheese filled doughnut.  I continued looking for it with every bite...

More searching...

Still no evidence of the goat cheese.  Oops I curiously devoured the entire doughnut!
Yikes!  Back on the workout train tomorrow.

Glazed Gourmet is a must try!  Find them on upper King Street here.