Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Last Day in Sea Lion Land

This is the final La Jolla blog post, the end of a great vacation.  Our breakfast at Brockton Villa looked a little like this...

Today was our boat day.  After filling our tummies we rented a boat to see what a day out on the Pacific was like.  

It was a beautiful day for a boat ride on the Pacific blue.

I always joke that I have the best view on the boat right next to me but it's true!

Out of the channel the ocean had some swells that took a little getting used to.

We used the rental company, Seaforth, that was closest to La Jolla.  Seaforth is located in San Diego.

Mark drove while I sat back and kept a look out for sea life.  I was determined to see some Pacific dolphin and I did (my camera was too slow to capture them).

Nothing better than a comfy hoodie, buy one here.  
(Hint, never place it in the dryer and the inside will stay soft and cozy.)

Luckily my camera was fast enough for this sea lion that came to check us out.

Mark always makes sure to bring his blue tooth speaker with us like the one you see in the cup holder.  Music makes the world go round.

Here is a similar find:

On our way back in we caught up with some more little buddies.

I cannot believe the similarities between sea lions and my pup's, Emma's, mannerisms.  Sea lions remind me of dogs that swim really well.

Look at this!  He jumped right up onto the dock like some synchronized swimmer would in a competition performance.  I could watch them all day.

We were starving after spending the morning on the water.  We stopped at the first Mexican restaurant we could find in La Jolla.  I cannot remember the name of this one but everyone back home mentioned how good the Mexican restaurants are here.  We dove in...

Back at the hotel, this was the second time today the room was cleaned for us including bed made, a pristine clean up, and new towels.  Amazing.  We messed up the sheets again with a light afternoon nap.

For dinner we headed to Del Mar up the road from La Jolla.  Locals told us about this restaurant called Poseidon where you could dine and watch the sunset.  

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How about some tri-color ravioli and sea bass?  Yes, it was amazingly delicious!

Our next stop was just down the road to the Torrey Pines State Reserve for a hike/walk and a view.

Our evening was not complete without a Haagen-Dazs treat.  Who could resist, especially when they are only 2 doors down from your hotel?  Look at this delicious caramel banana sundae.  

A warm bubble bath to finish a perfect vacation in an amazing hotel and city.

And an Adam Sandler movie by the fire to fall asleep to.

The next morning we continued our routine of Starbucks and a visit to sea lions where the view of the sunrise never ceases to amaze.

It was hard to have to say goodbye this morning.

On our way to the airport we had one last great meal.  The Cottage restaurant in La Jolla has a delicious breakfast. 

This was a fruit starter given to us that I don't recall Mark getting much of a chance to enjoy once my paws got into it. 

Eggs Beny and a Fried Egg sandwich with gruyere. 

We were sad to leave but it's much easier to return to an awesome city like Charleston, a place you cannot believe you get to call home. Now onto some Charleston posts.  There are so many new things going on that I can't wait to tell you about.