Monday, December 15, 2014

Cannon Green

Once upon a neighborhood, there was an old trolly warehouse.  
The founder of Stems came along, she couldn't resist it, and so she brought her spouse.  
They worked long and hard, and they put an incredible team on the scene.  
Together they turned the space into what would soon be known as Cannon Green

103 Spring Street 
Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 817-7311

There is a great new restaurant in town.  How gorgeous is this space?  But just wait until you try the food!

As you enter, you feel as if you have walked right into a fairytale.

There isn't a single nook that doesn't include the owner's creative touch. 

Looking to get married or throw a birthday/anniversary celebration?  Look at the event space they've created in the back.  There are soothing fountains with incredible lighting all around this indoor/outdoor space.  Think about the amazing parties to be had here, one you'll never forget. 
Checkout the events brochure here.

Back to our seats for dinner...

We started with this chicken pate, one amazing starter we will surely be returning for.  Our waitress, Allie, suggested it and boy are we so glad she did.  Some of the best meals I've had have been because I have asked the staffs' favorites.  This delectable treat with burgundy jelly did not disappoint. 

It arrives beautifully topped with an edible flower, yes please...

Mark and I shared the curried quinoa and the pear tortellini.

We tried to sop up every last bit on each dish we were served, we didn't want to miss out on a single morsel.

We had a wonderful evening with great food, an incredible ambiance, and together we had so many laughs.

Then, another great suggestion from Allie was this incredible meyer lemon and olive oil cake.  If you have never had this dessert, you need to hop, skip, and run over to Cannon Green. 

On our way out, we explored the rest of the space.  

We found another couple who had the same idea as us.  The best way to get around town...

See you again soon, Cannon Green!  We will be back with more laughter,
 where they all lived happily ever after.