Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dog Loves Beach

The beach at Sullivan's Island allows dogs off the leash in the Summer from 5 AM until 10 AM.  (Winter: October to April 30th, from 5 AM to 12PM) 

The dogs and owner's love to enjoy this time together.  Emma acts as though she has just won the lottery every time she sets foot out in the sand.  
We sip our coffees and giggle at her while she runs around, meeting and greeting every dog in sight.  If you are visiting Charleston with your pooch and want to enjoy the beach together, you must get a tag from Town Hall.  The same goes for local residents.  I would print the application ahead of time.

Emma lets her hair down and really takes it all in at the beach.

We are so lucky to be so close to such a beautiful beach.  Sullivan's Island is only 15 minutes from downtown Charleston.

One Happy Dog...

This is where she first learned to swim at 11 years old.  When a few buddies are running around across the way, swimming to the other side of the tidal pool isn't such a task.  


This little golden loves to stop and take a seat on your feet every once in a while.