Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The Charleston-er Blog has taken a back seat to my dental school finals for the past 3 weeks.  But now I am back and with a new name, CHARLESMOPOLITAN!  

Why did I change the name?  The Charleston-er is easily broken up into two words that make the blog seem as though it is about something other than Charleston.  Calling the blog the "Charles-Stoner" gives the idea that one will be reading about something completely different.  The name was intended to be all about my favorite town, Charleston, SC.  

Plus, it doesn't help when I post pictures of food like these...

The last dental school final for the fall semester was yesterday morning.  I am ready to post all of the food and fun I have been having these past couple of weeks now that I am rested. 

There is no better feeling then cuddling up in my down comforter and getting some much needed couch time after 9 final exams.

Here is a little taste of what my past two weeks have been like.  We will call it my very own, personal, Groundhog Day.  I woke up to test day everyday.

But I did get to have a little fun in-between.  The next blog posts include some dinners with my husband, Snow Ball (our dental school ball), an awesome Wine Crash dinner by Wine Awesomeness, our new golf cart, and even a give-away!  Stay tuned for the Awesome Give-away!

I hope you like the new name, CHARLESMOPOLITAN!