Sunday, September 14, 2014

R. Kitchen

I want to introduce you to a little neighborhood secret.  R. Kitchen has recently opened it's doors and our neighborhood couldn't be happier.  Step into Chef Ross' kitchen, literally, and watch him whip up incredible plates for lunch or dinner.  

As you sit and unwind with a glass of wine, there is a serious show going on in the kitchen.  It's almost as if you are at a cooking class.  One where the choice is yours to pay attention or converse and relax.

You can order from the menu or have the Chef's Dinner (Chef's choice of a 5 course meal).  We did one of each.

 I mentioned it was a serious show, right?  No funny business here...


Brie cheese on toasted baguette with honey drizzled strawberries...

Scallops in the making...

Scallops on the plate...

Then came the sea bass, my favorite dish of the evening.  First, chef arranged the raw ingredients which were an amazing concoction of watermelon, mandarine oranges, ginger, garlic flakes, some herbs, and brussel sprout leaves soaked in chili oil, what?  Delish!

Chef then placed the sea bass over this raw salad with it's juices from the pan.  There were so many flavors playing off one another and they played together nicely.  There weren't any bullies in this playground.

One of the Chef's Dinner dishes, smoked mac n' cheese...

Oh, you thought you were full?  Chef's Dinner seems more like a 10 course meal rather than 5.  Here are your steak and potatoes.

Perfectly cooked steak with potatoes cut to the right thickness.  Just enough potato to sop up the remaining juices.

Oh yeah, dessert.  It's funny, no matter how full you are there is always room for sweet.  Lemoncello and coffee panna cotta.

Meet the crew.  Chef Ross is on the right...

The show never stops.  Even when you are tired and full, they continue on for their next guests...

On Monday evenings, R. Kitchen has a guest chef where they serve multiple courses.  Check out the calendar here.

What a delicious dinner!  Go, have a seat, enjoy a meal, but please don't tell too many of your friends.  We'd like it to stay our secret and always be able to find an open seat at this delightful kitchen.

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  1. Had reservations but they had to re-arrange everyone so we could sit down on uncomfortable stools, crowded space, and hot. Totally uncomfortable. Several people left because of lack of space though they had reservations. Food was good but not at all filling and for $120 plus alcohol it is not worth it! The water AND white wine were warm! Finally with the second bottle they brought it chilled in a bucket. Why not the first time? Won't be back.