Sunday, April 13, 2014

La Valencia Sunset

Finally, I have found time to sit to finish the blog series of our trip to La Jolla.  
The last post was our day in La Jolla and it ended with Mark snorkeling with the sea lions.

We headed back to our room to finish the evening with some room service.  

But not before a quick dip in the hot tub.

A happy hour mango margarita was in order.

This is where we enjoyed room service and watched the sunset.  Our room was incredible at La Valencia hotel so why not enjoy it.

We finished our poolside drinks in full robe style comfort.

Then it arrived...

A hummus plate and shrimp cocktail for a light dinner.

We popped a little bubbly Veuve.

Our pet bird came to visit us again.

He watched eagerly as we sipped our champagne.  The little bird was just hoping to get us tipsy enough so we would feed him.

The hummus plate included one of our favorites, melanzane salad also called baba ghanouj. 

Success for the bird!

We headed in by the fire where I downed the bottle. 

Just kidding, that, there bottle was already finished.

 I just love La Valencia Hotel for putting Emma's picture in our room.  It made us feel right at home.

The evening isn't complete without a little robe dancing.

And it just doesn't get any cuter than him...

 All of that dancing got us going and so we decided to head out for a drink after all.

Shoes: J.Crew
Similar Earrings: J.Crew
Jumper: Forever 21
Similar Necklace: J.Crew

Eddie V's was the restaurant of choice for a drink and a view. 

What a view...

We had a drink by the fire overlooking the ocean.

Our next stop was home, but not without a night cap chocolate treat from our villa minibar.  There are Poprocks in the chocolate to simulate popcorn.  A strange concoction but oh so good!

The next morning we woke to see this...

On our routine morning walk we discovered Mark's diva moment wasn't such a strange sight to the locals.  These swimmers brought their own robes to the beach too.

We enjoyed our Starbucks with a view and stayed a little longer this morning to watch our favorite little sea pups.

Our villa room at the hotel, La Valencia, sits at the bottom on the left, second story.

This is the view from the hotel.  Crazy amazing!

This sign upsets me.  I really want to pet the little pups.


Okay, I'll settle with watching them.

This little one was having a great time until he noticed me snapping away at him...

There were a couple of babies, like the one below, nursing...

After all of that sea lion watching we became suddenly starved and took a short walk up the street to Brockton Villa for another delicious brunch.

Still more to come...

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