Friday, May 2, 2014

One of Those Husk Sort of Evenings

Sometimes I feel like Charleston is a fictional, magical- fairyland that was planted here in South Carolina.  We are grateful everyday and we do know how lucky we are to call this magical city home. 

Only in Charleston would you find these quail crossing the road.  I. naturally, hopped off of the golf cart to follow them with the camera lens.

This beautiful evening called for dinner and drinks at Husk.  Husk is one of our favorite restaurants here in town, among many favorites.  Friday evening is difficult to get a table without reservations.  If you place your name with the hostess and have a drink next door at their bar, (or on their front porch) you may get lucky with a table.

There are plenty of things to amuse you here, especially the joggling board on the front porch of Husk.  What is a joggling board?  If you haven't experienced this, your life isn't complete!  Check it out below...

This is the joggling board, it is just like a diving board.  Rumors are that on a date, a couple sitting together would be forced toward each other by the side to side rocking along with the bouncing and gravitational forces.  Wikipedia states it was originally used for exercise.  You can make up your own story but figure it out while you bounce along!

Not a bad way to wait for a table.  Horse drawn carriages pass by as the historian on the carriage tells the tourists how Mark and I will soon be in a lover's embrace in the middle of this magic bench/joggling board.  

C'mon, you know you like the romantic version of the existence of the joggling board.  It couldn't just be for boring old exercise!

With all of the fun being had on the porch of Husk, I couldn't resist a good old T-Rav dance move!  You will only understand the dance move if you have seen the new Charleston reality show, 'Southern Charm.'

Let's bounce!

Whoa!  Hey!  That was a little aggressive.

Onto dinner...

Hello oysters...

Soft shell crab...


Delicious!  We burned a few extra calories after dinner by practicing our secret handshake.  I'll give a preview but if I were to show the whole thing, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.  It's a husband and wife secret handshake.

Back to Husk's quaint bar and then onto another of our favorite spots in town, Bin 152, for a nightcap.  

I couldn't resist the sweet smell of the blossoming jasmine around town from the golf cart.  I showered myself in the vine for the ride home.

Glad you joined us for our Friday evening!


  1. That all looks fantastic, especially the Joggling Board, I think I prefer the rumours to the Wikipedia explanation though.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I agree, I am into the romantic explanations for everything! I hope you enjoy the blog! Always enjoy to hearing feedback!

  2. How cute! I just went to Husk last weekend and I didn't even notice the Joggling board. On the other hand, the Buttermilk Chess Pie was unforgettable!!!

    1. Yum that sounds amazing Annie! Go back, give the joggling board a bounce, and then enjoy 2 slices of that pie! :)