Saturday, May 31, 2014

Folly Beach in Blue

Folly Beach has magically turned from it's normal murky waters to a blue you can only find in the Caribbean.  They aren't sure why this has happened but claim it is because of their dredging.  It will only stay for a short while and by the time I write this blog, Folly may no longer be this cool blue.  Regardless, Folly is a great beach to visit anytime and in any hue.

Here it is...  Such a pretty blue!

Traffic getting out to Folly was slow and we were starving by the time finally arrived.  Our first stop was Taco Boy...

Taco Boy's mango margaritas are to die for...

We ordered the fried chicken, tempura avocado, and the chorizo potato tacos.  If you had to choose only one, go for the tempura avocado.  

So good.

This little crow wanted in on our lunch.

A trip to their coed bathroom and we were ready to head out.  I had to take a pic of their fun sinks...

We brought our own bicycles to Folly, but you can rent some from a company called Summer Rental.

Mark had to buy his favorite hat from Bert's Market.  (his blew off of my head last year whilst sailing)

So you want your very own Bert's hat?  Buy it here: Bert's Shop  Just don't let your wife wear it on your next sailing trip!

We love Bert's!

Now off onto our beach adventure...

 Mark and I need to get ourselves one of these traveling hammocks to bring to the beach!

After our Caribbean beach views, we headed to Snapper Jack's for an apéritif on the rooftop!

Tuning up...

Great music.

Our truck makes it easy to go on our little bicycle adventures.

Hope you get to enjoy Folly Beach soon!

Need some beach goodies?  Here are some similar to what I wore:

Looking for a place to stay at Folly Beach?  Try, checkout this condo for example on VRBO!

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