Monday, September 8, 2014

Farewell to Summer

Hello to beautiful Fall.  This is one of my favorite seasons in Charleston.  We started it off with a sail through the harbor and out to sea.

I grabbed a delicious treat on the way out to the boat.  When it's this hot outside the only thing to cool you down is a frozen treat.  This one comes in it's own little pineapple bowl.

We started out with a little dinner at the dock.  I worked on my tan while we let the grill warm up.

  There is nothing like sloppy, buttery, roasted corn on the cob right from the grill.

Don't worry, Emma enjoyed her fair share of our meal and she took the pleasure of claiming one of the cushions all to herself.

We set sail for the evening and I continued snacking.  I enjoyed a little bit of Charleston mixed with a little bit of France. ( Charleston Benne Wafers and France's Cotes Du Rhone)

I sat back and let Mark do what he loves to do...

Emma woke from her nap and decided it was time to play dress up.

Emma falls fast asleep with the rocking of the boat.  It's no wonder dress up didn't last too long.

We were accompanied on our sail by the Violent Femmes and Sublime.

Someone woke up to the sound of thunder.  Emma is crazy nervous with any lightening or thunder when she's at home but she seems more calm out on the water.  However, she is well aware of the lightening storm coming.   

We sailed home toward the amazing lightening show ...

We passed some sailors and other vessels / ships.  

This is going to be a great Fall.


 Similar hat from Banana     /     Sunnies from J. Crew     /     Dress from Loft

Gladiators from Target      /    Bikini from Neiman