Friday, September 13, 2013

4 in 1

Four of our favorite little establishments, all in one night!

The restaurant, FIG (Food Is Good), does not participate in Restaurant week.  If you decide last minute to dine at FIG, you won't be able to find a table or a spot at the bar.  Try to plan reservations at least a week in advance if not earlier.  Otherwise, you can try a seat at the restaurant's community table.  We were lucky enough to take the last two.  

Clam chowder, not a traditional clam chowder with a heavy creamy base.  This clam chowder had a light, tasty broth with fresh clams in their shell.  Delicious!

Ricotta gnocci.  This also was not a heavy filling gnocci, it was light and savory.  

Zucchini wrapped grouper in a tomato coulis...

A night is never complete without a visit to our favorite wine bar, Bin 152.  It is a beautifully romantic space located on King Street right at the corner of King and Queen Streets. 

Syrups to add to your water if you prefer not to drink.  These are very common aperitifs in France. 

Around the corner from Bin 152 is the famous Husk restaurant that is swarmed with good press.  They too have some amazing food.  Bon Appetit named it " The Best New Restaurant in America" in 2011.
Husk is the same as FIG, you must make reservations a week in advance to eat there.  Sunday brunches may be an exception to that rule.  If you are visiting Charleston and forgot to make reservations, try Sunday brunch.  There is no guarantee of a seat but you may only have a 20 minute wait. There is seating on the porch and you can enjoy a mojito, bloody mary, or mimosa while you wait.  Equally delicious and unique food. The menu changes daily so check it out here.

To the right of the restaurant,  an old kitchen house serves as their cozy little bar.  We headed to Husk bar after Bin 152.

The bar used to only serve their famous burger and some cheese and charcuterie, but now they are stepping it up.  You may now order a salad, wings, ribs, etc.  :)

Lastly, Kaminsky's is a must for a late night treat.  It's the kind of place to head to when you don't quite want to go home yet because you are still enjoying yourself and each other.  And it's the place to get  some yummy amazing sweets!

Chocolate cheesecake

Coconut cream pie

Hope you enjoyed our night out on the town.  

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Smoked Salmon Lunch

How would you like to feel just as awake after lunch as you felt before you ate?  Try this recipe for lunch tomorrow, you'll have energy again.  

 All you need for this recipe are 5 ingredients.  
-1 organic english cucumber
-8oz of wild caught, smoked sockeye salmon
-whipped organic cream cheese
-1 lemon or a lime

Servings are about 2-3

Slice your cucumbers.  (I prefer a thinner slice)  Add the cream cheese, then salmon, sprinkle with dill, and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the top.  It's that simple.