Thursday, July 18, 2013

For the Love of Horses

Horse carriage tours in downtown Charleston should be on a first time visitor's list of things to do. 
Where you can find history, fun, and a breeze all in one.  Take the carriage ride at least once while you are visiting.  You will discover there is a lot more of Charleston to see than you could cover by foot.  

Head over to the corner of Anson Street and North Market Street to find a tour.  There are 5 companies and all of the companies have very good tours. +Old South Carriage Company , +Palmetto Carriage, Classic Carriage Tours 

 Happy Feet!  These horses get 3 weeks off at a farm where they can run freely after working only 6 weeks at a time.  They often do around 5 tours throughout the day with a break in the shade between each tour.  

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