Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bowling for Halloween

I had a fishy good time at Sparians Bowling Alley in Mount Pleasant for Halloween.  This make-up is the result of a few ideas I found online:  Click on the picture to watch.

This is my version of a fish.  

You can use eyelash adhesive to place sequins above and below the eye.

Look, how fun are these glow in the dark lashes?  These were sold at Halloween Express.

This costume was a last minute ordeal so a fish was hard to come by.  I guess a tutu and a couple of fins with some great fishy makeup is good enough.

Okay, so why am I a fish?  Our bowling team dressed up as the bars of Charleston.  

Kate was Torch
Caitlin was Mynt
Kelcy was Blind Tiger
Kinsley was Stars
Alexa was Prohibition
I was Fish

Here are the other teams:


Frat Boys

Our Professors

Candy Crush

The Rugrats : 1st Prize Costume Winners 

What Does the Fox Say?

Duck Dynasty

4th Year Dental Students Posing as 1st Years

It was tough for Torch to get comfortable for the ride home.

Sparians @ River Bowl Charleston on Urbanspoon

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