Tuesday, November 5, 2013

James Island Connector Run

This run in November is one of my favorites because of the beautiful views and weather this time of year.  You may run, bike, or walk the bridge for either a 5K or 10K.  It has become a yearly tradition to run the 10K with some friends of ours.  This year the race was on November 2nd.   

The gun fired...

and we were off...

but look who I see...  could it be?  Forrest Gump?

The bridge run crosses the Ashley River and the views never disappoint.

Oh look!  It is Forrest!  Ambassador Running Forrest Gump that is!  He runs it every year for a local charity that awards scholarships to students with physical disabilities, the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation.  You may follow him on Facebook and find out more about him here.  If you love this race as much as we do, you can become a JIC Run Ambassador here.

Mile 3 of 6... 


I was too busy taking pictures of this gorgeousness to worry about my time but I didn't stop or walk.  These photographs were all taken while I jogged on.

My husband's knees have been bothering him while running so he stayed behind, but he was with me all the way on his phone.

Water, beer, hotdogs, oranges, and bagels are all waiting for you at the finish line. 

Results are in... 

There he is again!

I finally met the Running Forrest Gump! 

The James Island Connector Run begins and ends at Cannon Park downtown.  The after party is always a good time.  Stick around and listen to some music while you eat, drink and make friends.