Saturday, June 7, 2014

Food and Picnic Sunday

 Mark is waiting so patiently as I finish getting ready.

It was early and we were hungry.  We called around but many restaurants weren't opening until 11 AM.

Husk was open!  So that made for an easy choice.

Look at the wood fired funnel cake above.  This is what I had my eye on.

Bloody Mary's to start.

Mark really enjoys Husk's shrimp n' grits.  They are so good here that it is difficult to order anything else.

I wasn't afraid though.  Funnel cake with fried chicken, a pouched egg, some prosciutto, and hollandaise sauce, yes please!

After brunch we took a golf cart stroll around town with our pup, Emma.

She made sure to help out and put her "sails" up!

J.Crew Sunglasses

We met up with friends at Chez Nous for a drink and some creme fraiche. (a sort of yogurt served with granola and fruit compote)

The only way to finish off our afternoon was to grab some picnic gear and enjoy the sunshine in the park.

On the way to our picnic we stopped at Caviar and Bananas and the next door yogurt shop, Fresh Berry.

The next stop was the Battery or White Point Garden. ( the southern tip of the peninsula )

Caviar and Bananas has an amazing selection of wine, beer, and goodies to take on picnics. 
This is a peach bellini with 25% peach juice.  It tastes like it's homemade.

We relaxed here for hours and played a little croquet.  Emma ran around with other pups in the park.

I love a good lazy day Sunday!  

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