Saturday, September 6, 2014


If you haven't gone to Leon's yet, you'll want to after you see the food on this blogpost.  Just wait until you see their char-grilled oysters!

 Located at 698 King Street, the restaurant is set in a little neighborhood north of crosstown.  

The inside is very inviting but we opted for a little sunshine out on the patio.

Meet one of the lovely hostesses, Grace.  I'm loving this unique hostess stand / tool box... 

There you go, heavenly char-grilled oysters! 

I am loving this siam salad (I've ordered this salad each time we have come).  This salad is chock full of goodies like cabbage, peanuts, oranges, and it's a little spicy too.

We then dove into Leon's Fish Fry.  It's a seafood platter of fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried fish, and hush puppies.

With this lemon, I came up with a wonderful idea..

... a perfect, wonderful, little idea.

Who can balance the lemon longer and where?


There she went again.

At this point Mark started trying out other balancing avenues...

Hey now Mark, that's a bad choice of fingers to use!

That's much better!

My turn...

I have yet to see anyone pull off my trick.  I think I won with this...

Of course we convinced our lovely servers, Tom and Kye, to join in on the lemony fun...

The hand off...

Ta dah!!!

Go enjoy some Leon's and let me know what your favorite dish was in the comments.

Sunnies from J.Crew
Bag from J.Crew
Tank from Madewell