Monday, March 17, 2014

Hike, Bike, and Snorkle

This day in La Jolla was my favorite.  Our morning hike along the coast is something you would have to visit and see for yourself to believe.   Incredible!

It is fun to imagine yourself in one of these gorgeous cliffside homes with views of the Pacific for miles.

After our hike we headed over to San Diego Fly Rides in La Jolla to try electric bicycles for our first time.  Best idea ever!  We saw a lot more of town than we would have by foot and a lot quicker too.  They are so much fun to ride!

If you do nothing else in La Jolla, do this!  I just loved our day together on these little machines!

We rode all day along the coast, never taking our eyes off the Pacific blue!

I love riding through quaint neighborhoods and checking out beautiful homes.

There is bougainvillea that could make you cry!

I like the brand name of the helmets.

The owner of Fly Rides suggested Tower 23 for lunch.  There was a 2 hour wait so we got a table at the first available restaurant for our starved bellies, Joe's Crab Shack.

A trio of coconut shrimp, chipotle shrimp, and grilled mahi.

We wanted to check out at least one place in town that was more inland so we sat and had a drink at Iberico.  The decor is very much my style, chic mixed with a touch of rustic.  

We love that there is a ton of outdoor spaces in La Jolla, including the outdoor escalators.  This is the outdoor mall where Iberico Bistro is located.

It was so sad to bring our bicycles back at the end of our day. 

Meet the owner of San Diego Fly Rides, Ike Fazzio.  He was so helpful and explained how to use the electric bicycles very well.  We hopped on and felt very comfortable after his direction.  This is a must do in La Jolla!

Back at our hotel, La Valencia, our villa was ready for us.  

The villa had two ocean view balconies, a fireplace, a mini bar, a huge tub and shower, and so much more.

Don't worry, Emma joined us in the new room.

There is a phone near the toilet, just in case...

The little village of walkways and separate buildings at La Valencia Hotel are so enchanting.  

We had a visitor arrive while waiting for Mark to get ready for snorkeling.

We fed him the whole bag of chips we bought for our boat ride tomorrow.

On to the beach...

The water was too chilly for me.  Mark got to see lobsters, sea lions, and beautiful fish while I sat on the beach watching the birds and taking in the gorgeous views.

Notice the locals behind Mark in wetsuits.

Just as Mark got out of the water, he noticed this sea lion so close to shore and headed back in...

I kept an eye on that rescue board for him.  The sea lion was really interested in Mark.

Mark said the sea lion swam up to about 2 feet from him and then quickly swam away.  I am so jealous but it would have scared me to the point of an obnoxious screaming fit that may have caused an embarrasing lifeguard rescue scene.  Phew, got out of that one!

Then, Mark had a diva moment.  He brought his robe from the hotel to warm up with and wore it around the beach and park. 

Best view on the beach!

We headed back to our villa, grabbed some drinks at the pool,  and enjoyed the rest of the night out on our beautiful balcony.   Wait until you see the evening we had.  To be continued...