Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween in Charleston

We started our evening at our neighbor's home for a lovely dinner.  

Mark's mustache didn't want to stick to his face so he came up with a new look.

Burn a wine cork...

... and rub it into facial hair for a deep, dark look.

Next, we were greeted by the dancing bunny at our dental school party...

... and we met up with a gum ball machine, a couple of cops, a dragon, a jailbird, and a fish.

We also found the Butcher and Bee.
(a restaurant downtown in Charleston)

The cutest little nerds arrived...

On our ride home, we drove up King Street only to find one of the busiest nights I have ever seen here in Charleston.  Hoards of people lined the sidewalks just trying to get into some of the bars.  

At a stop light we were frightened by Batman.  I didn't think Batman was supposed to be scary.  

We finished our night with a quiet seat at our favorite wine bar, Bin 152.