Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pedicab Night in Charleston

 It is time for a little happy hour and a night on the town on our very own pedicab.
Did I mention we bought a pedicab of our own?  My husband doesn't mind the exercise and it is a fun way to avoid parking horrors around town.  There are plenty of spots to park and lock it up.

At first, the Charleston pedicabbers didn't believe us.  Then, they got to know us and realized we were truly just using the pedicab as our own vehicle.  We came to a stop light one evening and a Charleston pedicabber stopped at the intersection with an intense look on his face.  He said, " I have been waiting to meet you guys."  Ha, I'm not sure if it was a compliment or he couldn't believe it until he saw it with his own eyes.

 Say good night, Emma.  We will be back in one short nap.

We put away our bicycles and hopped on our pedicab.

Our first stop for happy hour was the Market Pavilion Rooftop.

The views of Charleston from this rooftop are so incredible!  

These do-dads on the left are heat lamps.  The flame spans the entire unit and they light up the space at night so beautifully. 

We met a little, furry friend along our walk to Fleet Landing.

Fleet Landing is a great dining experience, especially for the view of the water.


I love dessert before dinner.  A little strawberry shortcake martini to start.

Fried green tomatoes are a staple in the" Lowcountry."

Grilled shrimp with pimento cheese grits.  Amazing!

An old firetruck along East Bay Street jumped out at me like the Cars Movie characters. Older firetrucks seem so personified and I feel like it wanted to say something.  I think this one was saying, 'Take my picture."

We were reunited with our pedicab and we headed to the next "light bite"...

Husk Restaurant caught our eye...

A cute playful bunch got a kick out of our personal pedicab...

Our favorite table on the porch was waiting for us.

Pork wraps...

Pumpkin Soup...

and clams were our light bite plates for our second restaurant in town.

It is November in Charleston and look at all of the flowers!

Here is an idea if you are only visiting Charleston for a short period of time and want to try as many restaurants as possible.  Choose a couple of restaurants and grab some "light bites" or just appetizers from each.  If they aren't in walking distance call yourselves a pedicab.  Don't forget, on most nights you must have reservations.  I would call a week in advance.

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