Sunday, July 21, 2013

Panini Grill Vegetable Love

This recipe literally only takes 15 minutes from prep. to plate.  I love my Breville panini grill from William Sonoma.  Only $119.95 now, on sale from $170.  Faster than an outdoor grill or the old oven.  I love to make quick grilled asparagus in the morning with some eggs or as a side to dinner.  

This recipe is an eggplant and roasted red pepper layered dish with dabs of ricotta cheese between. 

Throw some red or yellow peppers on the panini grill with a little oil (I use safflower oil).  Peel your eggplant and slice into thin pieces.

 Salt the eggplant to let it sweat a little before grilling.

Throw the eggplant on the panini grill and coat both sides with oil. 

Remove the skin of the roasted red pepper ( you may be able to peel it right off or have to place the red pepper in a dish covered with some plastic wrap and let sit 5 minutes in order to peel)  
On a serving dish, layer roasted red pepper, ricotta cheese and your favorite tomato sauce, then eggplant and repeat.  Garnish with more ricotta cheese, scallions and sun dried tomatoes.