Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Edmund's Oast, Dessert, and Dinghy

Welcome to Edmund's Oast located at 1081 Morrison Drive.  Take a drive up north of crosstown and enjoy dinner or their brunch on Sundays.  Each meal we have had here has been outstanding.  Oh and the craft beer, just try beer #46 and tell me you won't be returning!

We had a quick bite at the bar this particular evening.  We went with the Raviolo and Heritage Chicken.

There it is, #46 our favorite beer so far...

Edmund's Oast has community seating, your own booth, or you may choose to sit in the back and watch all of the action.

It was such a nice Fall evening so we decided to enjoy an after dinner drink on the patio.  

We people watched and played a game of, "what is in Jan's purse?"  The game is quite simple; Mark turns his head, reaches in and grabs an item, then he has to guess what he has in his hand. 

"Cah-ds," Mark guessed correctly with a funny Boston accent.

He called this lipstick, "lip balm."  We gave him the point, that's close enough.

This one, though, really tripped him up...

Mark thought this lip liner was a stylus.  Good guess!

We waved goodbye to Edmund's and went on our way to dessert.  Where?  We headed to Chez Nous for some coffee creme brûlée.  This was rather insane and I had to hold my hands behind my back just to keep from taking more of Mark's dessert. 

Our next stop was a late night cruise on the water.  Mark prepared the dinghy...

...and we were off!

 We kept a hopeful eye on our future...

Lip Liner Revlon in Blush
Lipstick Mac in Hue
Dress J.Crew