Friday, March 14, 2014

Charlesmopolitan in SoCal

Ah!  It is Spring Break and after the crazy couple of weeks in my second year of dental school, a vacay is needed!  My husband and I hopped on a flight to La Jolla, California.  Neither of us knew what to expect, we just knew we were ready for some warm weather and views of the beautiful Pacific.  

I started a movie right away, The Delivery Man, and bawled my eyes out.   I laughed a lot too, but there were definitely some tears along the way.  I recommend the movie for sure.

For a lighter mood, I took to some tabloid magazines and enjoyed a little Bloody Mary cocktail.

This snippet started the vacation off right, naked bongo playing. Yes!  Hilarious!
I can so see Mark doing this.  Look at Matthew's face in the mug shot, he seems so proud...

We arrived in the early morning at our beautiful hotel, La Valencia.  I couldn't recommend this hotel enough, it is definitely the best of all La Jolla. (request villa 12)  

Starving, we headed out on foot to eat a late brunch.  The hotel is located right on the water so we walked along the coast and visited with the sea lions.  I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to see them.  I could sit and be entertained by sea lions for hours, by the time we were done watching them we were severely suffering of hunger.

I mean just tell me this isn't one of the funniest gif pics you have ever seen.  I'll sit here another 30 minutes watching and laughing at this before I move on to write more of this blog.  The best part is you don't have to press a button to keep replaying it.  Just look at that bounce back. 

I love sea lions!

We sat there watching them for a good hour and finally left to head up to brunch.  We ate at a great place on the water, Brockton Villa.  It is located right on the water with magnificent views and great food.  

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A little pomegranate mimosa to enjoy the view.

An artichoke and asparagus omelet with creamy truffle goat cheese and a carne asada eggs benedict.

We headed up to our king room with a view.  The first evening the villas were not available but we enjoyed this room on the 10th floor.  The views were incredible.  

Look how gorgeous the room is!

Concierge wrote an email before our stay to ask if they could place a picture of a loved one or a pet to make the room feel more like home.  I didn't tell Mark so he was happily surprised when he found our pup, Emma, sitting beside the bed.

We changed into bathing suits so we could head down to enjoy the gorgeous pool. 

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The pool is quite amazing!  

We ordered some drinks and relaxed by the pool before dinner.

Look at the view of the Pacific beyond the delicious pina colada.

Next stop, dinner at Georges at the Cove, wait until you see these views!

To be continued...