Saturday, September 21, 2013


From a nice quiet evening at Indaco to a college house party.  After dinner we stopped to see my dental school girlies where we all flirted with the camera a little bit.

Our CDM 2016 class is such an awesome group, wish all of the CDM girls were there!

Flip cup

J.Crew dress

Banana Republic

 I love that the guy in the back is so bored with us, he is looking at the time.



  Indaco is the new Italian restaurant on upper King Street.  We just love it when a new restaurant opens and so does everyone else in town.  Plan ahead and make reservations or try to snag a spot at the bar. 

They have a great outdoor dining space and the indoor ambiance is exactly what I am looking for when dining with my hubby.  There is this incredible aroma from their brick oven and the lighting is perfection.  Delicious food on top of all of this goodness makes Indaco one of our new favs in town.  Check out their menu.

Bitter Greens ( kale, escarole, radicchio lemon anchovy vinagrette, soft boiled egg, croutons)

Farro (brussel sprouts, cippolini onions, walnuts, pecorino, tallegio, saba)

Lamb Polpette (soft polenta, tomatoes, capers)

Chocolate Panna Cotta for dessert.

My very own Mr. Napkin Head.  (I love the movie "The Holiday")

A couple of friends of ours saw our pedicab parked outside of Indaco.  They came in, said hello, and introduced us to the GM.  Everyone is so friendly here, I just love Charleston.  

Indaco is an absolute must!

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