Sunday, August 3, 2014

Love Parade

Five years ago, my sweet husband and I were married in Charleston at the French Huguenot Church.  We hired an amazing gospel choir, The Voices of Deliverence, for a parade after our ceremony.  We were accompanied on a walk by the choir and our wedding guests to the cocktail hour and reception, singing, " Oh Happy Day!"

This idea came from traveling around Europe where I saw so many ceremonies ending in a parade.  The bride and groom were usually walking with a violinist.  While planning our wedding, I thought we should definitely have a parade but with something that is absolutely Charleston.  What is more Southern and Charleston than an incredible gospel choir?

(c) 2009 Captured by Kate Photography

This year is our 5 year anniversary and we decided to recreate our favorite moment of our wedding day, our walk with the gospel choir...

 (c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,

I thought of just wearing a short dress but then I found this gorgeous dress at Lula Kate in downtown Charleston and couldn't resist.  

We took a stroll in the golf cart to our walk with my gorgeous friends.

Meet Sukhi and Ashley in this video and listen for people in the street shouting, "Congratulations!"...

Ashley and Sukhi came over before the walk for some champagne and to help slip my dress on.  They took care of so many last minute details and I am so grateful.

 (c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,
 (c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,
(c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,

We parked the golf cart down the street and the girls walked ahead to make sure everyone had arrived.  When I got the okay, Mark and I walked up the street, the choir began singing, and the parade was on...

People walking down the street would stop and watch.  They scurry to find their camera phones to take pictures and video.  You hear bystanders shouting, "Congratulations!"...

The choir is just so incredible, goosebumps are sure to follow once you listen to this...

 (c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,

(c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,

(c) 2014 Evan C Eggers,

We couldn't help but dance and sing along...

Mark was shocked when he was cued to sing, this was all he could come up with...

We celebrated the rest of the evening at The Rooftop at The Vendue.

Streamers and peach bellinis.

What is a celebration without a little dancing?  No dance floor?  We made one; park the golf cart, turn on the headlights, turn up the music, boom...

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."
-- Emily Brontë

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
-- Dr. Seuss

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Thank you:

Thank you to Evan Eggers for some amazing photographs, please see his website here:

Thank you to The Voices of Deliverance of David Archer Music for your amazing talent.  

Thank you Lula Kate for the gorgeous dress.

Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us.   Thank you Ashley and Sukhi for all of your help and Sukhi for some great photographs too!

Similar Shoes from Nordstrom / Necklace from J.Crew

Mark's outfit is from J.Crew.  We just bought the vest and pants but the tie is the same tie he wore on our wedding day.

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