Monday, March 23, 2015

Chez Nous 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Chez Nous!  What a wonderful year it has been for this quaint restaurant.  The menu continues to change every single day and the food continues to amaze me.  

We chose a seat outside at the community table.

The menu for their anniversary evening included the owner's favorite dishes.  What a menu, one not to be missed.

We started with this amazing marinated quail salad...

...we sopped up every last drop with our bread.

My entree of choice was the egg yolk ravioli with mushrooms...

Mark had the ham in endive over a b├ęchamel sauce...

There was no sauce left behind from Mark's dish, I can vouch for that.

The dessert for the evening, gateau basque, had some with incorporated monopoly pieces.  If you found a monopoly boot or hat in your dessert, it meant you won a $100 gift card to Chez Nous.  There were 5 total prizes and at this point in the evening only 2 possible winnings were left.  

Did our cake have the monopoly winner? ... see that hump in the middle?

That hump was just an extra delicious bit of cake, we didn't win.  So we started researching a way to quickly grab ourselves a monopoly piece of our own to play a trick on our friends.

Then, our neighbor at the community table started cheering with great happiness.  They won, they found the hat!  We started talking with them and forgot all about our shenanigans.

There it is, the winning monopoly hat.  Isn't she pretty...

What an incredibly talented and hard working group of people.  Happy 1 year and congratulations!

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