Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Get Around in Charleston

Bicycles are our favorite choice of transportation if you want to get somewhere fast in downtown Charleston.

This dress is from the J.Crew Clearance store.  I bought it for $90.00 and it usually costs around $198  at J. Crew.  Check out where the closest J.Crew Clearance store to you is here.

Bicycle caravans are fun and you can rent a bicycle at Affordabike on King Street for only $20 a day.  Click here!

There are so many ways to get around downtown Charleston that I will have to write multiple blogs on this subject.  I love that Charleston has many unique options for tourists and residents to get around town.  I feel so lifeless riding around isolated in a boring car.  In downtown Charleston they have pedicabs for hire and they even allow golf carts!  If you are interested in taking a pedicab to dinner or to get around, it is easy to find them in the street or ask your hotel's front desk to call for you.  Find pedicab information here.

My husband and I love pedicabs so much we found our very own on

We use it to get our ol' dog, Emma, to the boat.  There was a time, (only last year) when I used to get to ride in the back of that.....

And more riding in the back of that pedicab/rickshaw.....

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