Friday, August 2, 2013

Squeaks and Treats

Squeak, squeak, sasssas...squeak.  This old bicycle has been sitting out in the rain and humidity too long and now I am forced to listen to the whining of these aches and pains.  I won't let this won't ruin my day, off on my own today to enjoy the town.  You can enjoy town too by walking or renting a bicycle of your own from Affordabike, click here.
This is a great blog post for anyone visiting Charleston alone who wants ideas of how to enjoy Charleston by themselves. 

First stop, Caviar & Bananas for a light salad lunch.  Located off of King Street, on George Street.  I love their salad topping options and that they mix your own choice ingredients together for you.

Then, to a long awaited pedi.  There are many nail salons in town, this one was just next door to Caviar & Bananas so I headed upstairs.  The massage chair was needed equally as much as the pedi.

Much better!

Squeakin' along, next stop is the great wine, cheese, and charcuterie store called, Goat. Sheep. Cow.


Arrived!  Goat. Sheep. Cow. is located on Church Street, just south of Broad street.  Click here to see their website.

In addition to the meats and cheeses, this store often has some unique and tasty condiments.  I found some truffle honey, yum!

Goat. Sheep. Cow. will do wine tastings in the back courtyard.  Sign up to receive emails for their next wine tasting date.

The friendly staff can help you pick out meats and cheeses that pair well together.  The fun part is getting to taste all of the different selections they have.  I put together a yummy cheese plate and had help picking out a wine to match for happy hour with my husband at home. 

Make sure to sign in and give your email to get their wine tasting schedule.

Next stop, pizza!  Tasting the cheese at Goat. Sheep. Cow. made me hungry.  This is my favorite pizza in town, Pizzeria Di Giovanni.  It is located on Market street but is hidden back in the Rainbow shopping center.  Squeak...

I like a little pizza with my pepper!

Squeak, squea...

Society Street has one of my favorite spas in town and I am in need of an eyebrow wax.  This is the best place in town to treat yourself.  The Stella Nova Spa on Society Street is also a little bit hidden but not to be missed.  The staff are very sweet and the cute space always has a calming spa scent that is so wonderful.

Imagine a girls bachelorette spa day here!

I started to head home and rode by King Street.  King Street is where most of the shopping happens in town and I couldn't resist.  As I headed to my favorite store, J.Crew, I did a 180 degree turn into Market Street Sweets (River Street Sweets) to get a praline sample. :)  There are two of these sweets stores in Charleston, one on King Street and one on Market Street.  Do not miss these while you are visiting, you haven't visited Charleston until you have had a bite of one of these pralines or their fudge!

The aroma of the warm, newly made praline always gives you a swift punch in the face as you walk past.  My favorite time of year to eat them is in the winter when you are chilly and the pralines are so warm and gooey.

Now on to shopping...

I tried on these cute pinstripe shorts but I felt like they were a little bit big.

I bought this cute top.

Gap is right across the street.  I love this faded jean shirt I found there.

Then I headed to Aldo 1 block away.  There, I found a pair of shoes and a tote I liked.

All was well squeaking my way back home until...

The J. Crew bag fell off of my bicycle handle.  Whoops!

Back to safety.

Squeak, squeak, squeak...

This bag and these shoes are from Aldo.

Digging into Goat. Sheep. Cow.  What a good squeakin' day!

+Goat Sheep Cow +J.Crew +Gap  +Stella Nova Spa Salon


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