Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blamping On

California Dreaming allows dogs on their porch dining area which overlooks the Ashley River. Emma really enjoys being by our sides, especially when there is food involved.  After dinner at California Dreaming, we headed back to our sailboat.  Music, candlelight, champagne, and a colorful shoreline to complete this evening.   

We prepared to play cards but were carried away in the beautiful breezy night, laughing and talking about our dreams.  My flowers are failing, our candles are burning out, but no worries because we have more candles, plenty of matches, and a lifetime of laughs to be had.

We had a time trying to coax Emma down to bed.

Time for a movie. Casanova on the ipad.  Mark didn't make it through my hitting the play button before he fell asleep.

Good morning.  This is the best time of day to be out on the water, it's so magical waking up to the birds singing.  Pour some coffee and sure enough the dolphins will come to greet you.   

Bacon, eggs, and coffee.  

It still amazes me how close the dolphins come to the boat.  I could sit and watch them for hours...

... and hours...

Top: Forever 21

+Ann Taylor 

G'Morning Sunshine!

I hope you liked our blamping trip.  Do you have a blamping story to tell?  I'd love to hear about your glamping style.

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