Thursday, January 9, 2014

Banana Pancakes

Jack Johnson asked me to help you jazz up your Saturday morning flapjacks by adding some bananas.

 Pour yourself a cup of joe and dig into our yummy breakfast feast.

Start with whichever batter mix you like but don't throw your bananas in right away.  We have tried this before and the pancakes came out too mushy.  

You might as well throw some bacon in the oven while you cook.

Slice your bananas just like so and butter your pan...

Pour your batter in the pan and quickly yet carefully place your sliced bananas into your masterpiece. Placing the bananas, rather than mixing them in the batter before, gives you full control over the texture of the pancake.

Don't be afraid to push those bananas in there...


Make sure to check on the bacon...

Syrup in a dunking dish is always a great idea.  Forget about a little drizzle over the top, we dunk our johnnycakes.

Enjoy!  Happy almost weekend!

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