Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hall's Chophouse

Welcome to Hall's Chophouse!  

My mother came to town to celebrate my white coat ceremony, which represents the graduation in dental school from classes to clinics.  This calls for a feast, off we go to Hall's.

This is our buddy Darryl, we became fast friends.

Our plates have arrived; lamb chops, scallops, and fillet.

That's a thumbs up from mom!

The food was incredible and we were so stuffed.

Dessert?  We just couldn't, not right now anyway.  But we did take a peek. 

On our way out, we took in all of the life and beauty of the restaurant.  Look at how inviting the space is...

This nook by the stairs seems like a great place to enjoy a private dinner for two...

You would have your very own bartender at your service...

Darryl made sure our dinner was perfect.

You can only imagine how beautiful this live music was.

Owner, Mr. Billy Hall, heard we were too full to enjoy a little dessert and kindly sent an incredible slice of cake home with us.  He didn't want us to miss out, which we would have because it was delicous!

Carrot Cake!

It didn't take long for the three of us to dive in once we returned home.

Lastly, I played dress up in a little white coat and enjoyed the moment with one proud momma!

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