Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gemini Twins

Mark and I are both Gemini and so we get to celebrate our birthdays together.  This year my birthday started with a long walk on Sullivan's Island beach.  

My favorite morning activity on the weekend is watching Emma pup run around the beach with her buddies.  I could watch these dogs all day. 

Our next stop was the boat...

Mark prepared the boat for sailing while I read my magazines and sipped on some blondie bloody Marys.

Mark surprised me with my favorite champagne, Veuve, and a private carriage ride around town.

The next stop was our dynamite dinner at Charleston Grill. 

Black sea bass and the most amazing crab cakes you'll find anywhere!  Charleston Grill makes sure you have crab with your cakes and not the other way around.  Delish!

Our birthdays are only 5 days apart so I will share with you Mark's birthday next blog...

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